Advertising panels management


GINVE.SPOT module has been created purposedly to sort out all issues related to the management of advertising installations with immediate access to info of all kinds being them related to the general status, its quality and maintenance or the geographical site of every single advertising element on the territory.

GINVE.SPOT offers the users a list of function to support an efficient management of the advertising installations.

More in detail GINVE.SPOT allows:

    • An easy and immediate check of advertising installations
    • The scheduling of the interventions
    • A clearer and simpler management of contracts, offers evaluation, necessary interventions, and financial statements
    • Thanks to the metric calculation function it is possible to manage the documentation regarding all elements represented (surveys, projects, ...)
    • The graphic representation of advertising installations
    • The management of the historic archive of the activity
    • To make thematic maps
    • To print all charts and pics of all elements represented by GINVE
    • The highly intuitive Italian interface has been studied with the purpose of providing a very functional and easy program

GINVE.SPOT - Supported elements:

    • Advertising panels

Formati esportabili:

    • Shape file
    • GeoJSON
    • KML
    • GML2
    • GML3
    • JSONP
    • CSV

GINVE.SPOT - Handled data:

    • Identification number
    • Typology selected by the user (commercial, institutional, ...)
    • Site (mapping and toponym)
    • Site type
    • District
    • Street
    • Census Date
    • Census Operator
    • Picture
    • Notes
    • Status
    • Format (single sided, two-sided, ...)
    • Size (600X300, 140X200, ...)
    • Item
    • Label
    • Dealership owner (one field description)
    • Concession date
    • Annual fee agreed

Ads turnover is run by appropriate intervention on the advertising installation. Thanks to GINVE standard research filter it is possible to question the calendar of the postings.

    • Definition:
      • Intervention type
      • Quantity
      • Notes
    • Planning:
      • Operator
      • Start date
      • Priority
      • End date
    • Validation:
      • Operator
      • Date
      • Notes
Intervention registry