Improving urban trees management and community facilities

Improving urban trees and forest management

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Many municipalities, companies and practitioners have already chosen GINVE

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Increase urban trees safety and quality through a trees survey and monitoring


A simply interface allows users to manage green spaces intuititively

There are countless reasons to choose GINVE

GINVE.CLOUD is a cloud service complete and secure

GINVE.CLOUD provides specific tree survey and monitoring functionalities 

Reduce the risk of liability if an accident occurs

Safeguard human knowledge and make information quickly available to future users

Access historical information in order to correctly address maintenance activities

Report every activity to public authorities and citizens

Involve citizens and raise they awareness on caring and protecting urban parks

Optimize and automate reporting time between companies and public authorities

Cutting-edge technology

GINVE is available for Desktop, Web and Mobile environments

Outstanding efficiency

Improves resource management by prioritizing risky situations

Modules and functionalities

Additional modules greatly improves GINVE functionalities

Vehicles and assets tracking

Integrated with Webfleet® for assets localization and tracking

Integrated with QField e QGIS

Native Export and import features with QField e QGIS

Powerful statistics and graphs

Real-time statistics and graphs on urban green structure

Google Maps®

GINVE integrates Google Maps, Street View and route calculation function

QTRA & Areté Ready

Integrated with QTRA® e ARETÉ® for tree risk analysis and stability assessment

360° functional

All-in-one management on web and desktop

GINVE is the only product suite used to manage urban green both on website and desktop and enables to work contemporarily on the same database being it on cloud or a private company’s network. All GINVE applications are highly intuitive with an immediate data entry parametrizable by operators. Thanks to its management all green elements are processed and updated in one single GIS database through a browser both on field (tablets or smartphone) or at office. The multiple change function allows to notably reduce time and grant the propagation of changes to more boards at the same time.

Tree inventory, management and security monitoring

All GINVE applications are made to supply users with dedicated tools to make census, manage and monitor trees (10/2013 Law Disposition on urban green spaces). These past years we have been experiencing the consequences of climate changes, more and more dramatic atmospheric events representing a high risk for the public and green areas safety. In this respect GINVE is a fundamental tool to sustain decisions and provide operators with thorough information (assessment evaluations – vta, dendrometry characteristics, defects, and risk class) to plan periodic checks and reporting every survey and intervention with pictures, files, visual and instrumental analysis.

Metric calculation

Through a parametrizable price list, GINVE allows the metric calculation of green areas, play equipment, and all the elements censused thus granting the computing of budgets and final balances. Thanks to the research filters, selected calculations can be performed for forecast and budgets on trees available in certain parks and bearing a specific risk class.
Calculations can be exported as CVS file (with separators) to be further processed.

Urban furniture, playground, and inspections

GINVE allows the census and management of all info related to urban furniture, playgrounds, play equipment, and their pavements, so to plan all the maintenance interventions and periodical inspections. Keeping high standard of security and quality of urban furniture helps reducing the number of accidents in a drastic way and let citizens enjoy public spaces safely, and raises people appreciation as well as the reputation of public authorities.

Works management

GINVE users have powerful tools for programming and recapping the jobs done; all operators involved in the management follow a diverse and distributed access to information. Reporting functions allow to check that timing and execution follow the original plan and support the institute during the survey on the work in progress. All activities can be carried out on the move to consult, reschedule and close in real time all activities from tablets or smartphone.


GINVE.CLOUD can be integrated to GINVE.HD to receive and manage alerts sent through the dedicated app or web form. Thanks to GINVE.HD requests are directed to the proper maintainer. Every alert must list the sender’s details, the site on the map, the typology, and possible additional notes. From the moment it’s received until the conclusion, each alert lists all activities performed including the time of execution and the resources involved. The app enables to monitor the progress of the request in real time.

Transparency towards citizens

With GINVE.WEB platform citizens can consult census data browsing an interactive map. All info is updated in real time and aligned with GINVE.CLOUD main database. Moreover, statistic graphics help people to know and learn more about the green composition of their own territory.


Access to data and graphic elements is customized; this means that privileges regarding the field of activity and the access to information can be diversified or limited according to the user’s role. Thanks to SSL technology all data exchanged between client and server are encripted to make all activities performed through GINVE safe and trustworthy.

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