i-Tree® integration in GINVE

We have integrated i-Tree®, a software suite developed by the United States Forest Service (USFS) that provides tools for analyzing and assessing the benefits of urban forests.

By integrating i-Tree with GINVE, users can easily import data from i-Tree into GINVE and use it to inform their management decisions. For example, i-Tree can provide data on the health and condition of trees in a particular area, and this information can be used to plan maintenance activities such as pruning or fertilization in GINVE.

Similarly, GINVE can provide information on the location and characteristics of urban forests, such as tree species and size, which can be used to inform i-Tree analyses. i-Tree can then provide detailed reports on the ecological and economic benefits of these urban forests, which can be used to inform management decisions and prioritize areas for conservation or restoration.

The integration of i-Tree and GINVE can also help communities better understand the value of their urban forests and communicate this information to stakeholders. By providing detailed reports on tree benefits such as carbon storage, air pollution removal, and energy savings, communities can better argue for the importance of urban forests and obtain funding for their conservation and management.